Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July!

What is Plastic Free July?

Plastic Free July is movement that started in Austrialia 2011 with the idea of trying the make the world plastic free. Since 2011 they have been providing people will a solution to single use plastic pollution.

The movement runs through the whole month of July with about 326m participants.

Why plastic free?

Some of you may be asking why plastic free or why should I swap to plastic free, the simple answer is single use plastic can out live us.

Putting single us plastic in the bin is not enough and it can result in appearing in oceans killing marine life. 

How can I become plastic free?

Becoming plastic free isn't as easy as you may think. Most everyday products will have single use plastic associated with it.

The best way is to reduce your single use plastic is by looking at the products you use everyday and asking yourself if you can swap it to something plastic free.

For example if you buy soap in bottles can you swap it soap bars that are wrapped in paper or the razor you us. Can that be swapped to a Bamboo Razor?

The Fruit and Veg you buy from your local supermarket, can you go to a greengrocer to buy the same product? You are supporting a small business as well as reducing your single use plastic.