October 1st 2020 was the day that the UK government made a step in the right direction when they announced that businesses could no longer sell single use plastic straws, cotton buds or stirrers.

Anyone caught selling said banned items would get a fine issued by their local authority.

This lead to the rise of paper and bamboo based products. Everyone has their own opinion on what they prefer. I know where I stand and that is in favour of Bamboo based products as the quality and structural integrity is much better.

Our Bamboo Cotton Buds are made from 100% Bamboo and Cotton with no chemicals used. They are also organic and eco friendly!

The best way to dispose of our Bamboo Cotton Buds is put them into your green waste bin. The Cotton Buds aren't recyclable they are biodegradable and compostable.

Please do not put them down the sink or toilet as they will block up the pipe works. Doing this will cause more harm and pollution to the environment.